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Good for you products and Services that make you feel good!


We may be cheeky fun but we take our products and services very seriously. Our products are free of icky bad for you chemicals so that means our services will pamper you with clean beauty! 

If you are interested in learning more about the Cheeky Monkey Cosmetic products we use click the link below! 

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Facial Treatment

The Cheeky Facial Club!!

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

Choose from our 4 week or 6 week option of the facial club. Our program will elevate your skin care regime with regular facials. Whether you want to reduce the fine lines, acne scars, rosacea, acne or need help with cell rejuvenation and  skin tightening - we have facials for you. Choose the 4 week option or the 6 week option for your facials. 

Best Lash Serum on the Market! UKLash


Laser Services

If you have made a promise of self care in this 2023 year maybe laser hair removal, hyperpigmentation treatment, vein removal, or skin rejuvenation is the service for you?  Contact us to get details on your treatment options and monthly specials. 

Beauty Products


If you would like to book a facial please call us at 905-805-8331

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